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State of CaliforniaUpdate on the Global Climate Action SummitCottonwood AThis session will provide an update on plans for the Global Climate Action Summit, taking place September 12-14, 2018 in San Francisco. The Summit will be a key gathering of the non-state actors and sub-national governments who are central to doing the work of meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement, bringing together leaders from state and local governments, business, and citizens from around the world, to demonstrate how the tide has turned in the race against climate change, showcase climate action taking place around the world, and inspire deeper commitments from each other and from national governments.
Government of CanadaWomen Leading Global Climate ActionCottonwood BJoin Catherine McKenna, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and other prominent women who are leading on global climate action. Panelists will explore the relationship between gender, diversity and climate change, as well as the economic opportunities of the clean growth economy.
VariousGRAND BALLROOM BTable Topics
Clean CoalitionResilience through Renewables on Corporate CampusesTabletop 1This discussion will explore how local renewables can provide critical loads on corporate campuses with ongoing power back. While the economics might still be too tight for powering an entire campus through solar+storage, there is a strong case for increasing on-site renewable generation and storage, as this secures valuable economic, environmental, and resilience benefits for the company and nearby community.
E2Making Sure Clean Jobs CountTabletop 2More than 3.2 million Americans now work in clean energy in every part of the country - more than double the number who work in fossil fuels. Yet to hear some in Washington, the only jobs that count are in coal, gas and oil. Join us to learn about data and other tools to help explain the economic importance of clean energy in your region, and bring your ideas on how to help tell the story that clean jobs count.
NRELSetting data-based targets – Accessing and using data to enable more strategic city and solar energy plansTabletop 3Debbie Brodt-Giles, Data Science and Innovation Group Manager at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and NREL Senior Energy Analyst Jenny Heeter will facilitate a discussion about new and emerging data sources that can enable data-based targets and more strategic energy planning and solar investments.
Environmental Defense FundWhy policy advocacy is key to meeting your sustainability goalsTabletop 4The new frontier for corporate climate leadership is advocating for strong climate and energy policy at the state and federal level. Come learn about the benefits of speaking up on climate policies, and what opportunities are on the horizon to show your stakeholders you’re walking the talk on sustainability.
Climate Action ReserveClimate Impact ScoringTabletop 5By rigorously evaluating and scoring financial investments according to the quantity of GHGs reduced, the intensity of the reductions in terms of tons GHG/$1000 of investment, and how the investment is compared to the “climate optimal” option technically feasible today; we can better engage the financial markets to combat climate change.
WSPSupply Chain Goal SettingTabletop 6As supply chain sustainability programs have become more mature across private and public sector organizations, the market has seen increased focus on setting ambitious supply chain goals. This table topic will dive into how to set ambitious yet achievable supply chain goals.
SempraRenewable Natural Gas in CaliforniaTabletop 7Please join SoCalGas, a Sempra Energy Utility, to discuss the greenhouse gas emission reduction potential of renewable natural gas. This discussion will focus on recent policy developments (SB32 and SB1383) and how renewable natural gas from existing agricultural feedstocks, waste water, and landfills is helping California achieve aggressive climate change and organic waste management goals. We will also focus on recent developments in Power-to-Gas technologies, and how producing synthetic methane from excess renewable electricity can provide large-scale, long-term energy storage solutions
USC Schwarzenegger InstituteThe Digital Environmental Legislative HandbookTabletop 8We will examine this curated list of environmental laws from a politically and geographically diverse group of states that protect the environment while promoting economic growth. Stakeholders can learn how to support and advance climate friendly legislation.
American Society of Adaptation ProfessionalsBuilding and Evaluating Your Climate Resilience ProgramTabletop 9Preparing for climate impacts means understanding your risk, evaluating your resources, and building climate action champions. In this discussion we will present the ASAP principles of effective climate adaptation practice and discuss how companies and organizations can get started building their own adaptation and resilience practices.
ExelonSupplier Specific Emission FactorsTabletop 10Exelon is sponsoring a round table discussion on retail electric Supplier Specific Emission factors that are referenced in the WRI Scope 2 guidance for Market-based Accounting. We seek discussion from consumers interested in these factors for their accounting, as well as other retailers who are being asked to provide them. We are looking for dialogue on how to promote credibility and comparability in the emission factors across national markets, as well as input on format and other related information that might be of interest from the customer perspective.
Georgetown Climate CenterPolicies for a Lower-Carbon Transportation SectorTabletop 11The transportation sector is now the largest contributor to carbon pollution in the United States. At the same time, funds for transportation maintenance and improvements are declining. In this session, participants will explore policy options to enable economic growth, improve mobility, and protect public health and the environment while reducing emissions in the transportation sector.
The Nature ConservancyNatural Climate Solutions in California and ColoradoTabletop 12Staff from The Nature Conservancy will be giving an overview of climate policy in California and Colorado and the essential role that natural climate solutions play in achieving our climate goals.