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The Climate Leadership Conference (CLC) provides climate, energy, and sustainability professionals a platform to learn from and engage with thought leaders and decision-makers working to address climate change. The program encourages cross-sectoral discussions on climate-related opportunities, challenges, policy, and best practices. The CLC program focuses on confronting climate change through an exchange of plenary panel discussions and interviews, multi-track breakout sessions, strategy exchange sessions, applied trainings, networking events, and pre/post conference educational workshops.

Please review tips for submitting a successful nomination below. We look forward to hearing from you!

We are accepting nominations for:

  • Breakout Panels and Speakers: Engaging 60-90 minute facilitated discussions that take a deeper look at key climate or sustainability topics. Breakout sessions address an audience of 100-150 sustainability professionals, and generally feature 3-4 speakers with a moderator facilitating dialogue and questions. Nominations can be for a full panel, or a speaker that would join a conference panel.
  • Keynote Speakers: Main stage / full audience presentations, interviews or panel discussion featuring leading experts on the cutting edge of climate impact (e.g., nationally recognized climate scientists, C-suite corporate leadership, heads of organizations, etc.).
  • Workshops and Trainings: 1-3 hour deep-dive sessions designed to help a targeted audience navigate specific climate policies or strategies, develop applicable skills for implementation, and engage in interactive discussion to flesh out ideas and lessons learned. These are meant for smaller audiences, 25-75 attendees. Nominations may include topic, discussion lead, and any additional presenters or facilitators.
  • Strategy Exchange Sessions: Intimate, expert-led conversations with 5-10 attendees that facilitate strategy exchange around niche topics. Requesting Nominations should include the topic and discussion lead.

AUDIENCE: The CLC annually attracts more than 400 climate, energy, and sustainability professionals from business, government, academic, and nonprofit sectors. Please see WHO ATTENDS for a sample of past conference delegates.

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: The CLC Steering Committee strives to enrich the audience’s experience by keeping content fresh and engaging. We prefer speakers that are recognized subject matter experts and possess strong public speaking skills. Professionals engaged in the climate change, energy, and overall sustainability space who inspire new ideas, facilitate instrumental dialogue, and introduce new opportunities to the 2020 CLC audience are encouraged to submit.

The Conference committee encourages submissions in the following categories:

  • Making deep carbon cuts: setting goals, implementing solutions, measuring success
  • Assessing climate risks and building resilience
  • Transition to clean and resilient energy systems
  • Innovative financing strategies
  • Successful public-private partnerships
  • Navigating climate and energy policies and carbon markets
  • Exploring the water-energy-climate nexus
  • Addressing supply chain emissions, building a more sustainable, resilient value chain
  • Climate transparency: developing consistent metrics, climate disclosure, communicating to stakeholders
  • Climate science: impact and trends
  • Green jobs: just transition and workforce engagement
  • Emerging technologies
  • Transportation: alternative fuels, electrification, last-mile solutions
  • Land use and land use change, sustainable agriculture

Please refer to the 2019 PROGRAM to gain a better understanding of potential CLC content.


The 2020 CLC Speaker Submission Form can be found by CLICKING HERE.

The Speaker Submission link will direct you to the CLA SmarterSelect page, which the Steering Committee is using to gather 2020 submissions. You will be required to create a login to submit a form. Once you have started an entry you are able to save your work and return to it at any time until the submissions deadline of September 20, 2019.

The Speaker Submission Form will ask you for the following information:

  • Nomination type (Speaker, Breakout Panel, Training, Workshop, Strategy Exchange Session)
  • Speaker name, email address, phone number, title and organization
  • Proposed topic or session title
  • Proposed topic or session description
  • Theme that the topic or session relates to
  • Nominator contact information (if nominating someone other than yourself)

Please send any related questions to

NOTICE: We appreciate your submissions and value your insight! Due to the high volume of response, we cannot guarantee a personalized response to each submission. Speakers selected by the CLC Steering Committee will be contacted this fall/winter with a formal invitation, followed by further guidance on next steps, deadlines, and speaker instructions.